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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Results Are In - Thank You District 3!

From very bottom of my heart - THANK YOU District 3!  I will say, with approximately 1,200 registered voters in our district, I thought turnout would be higher due to the County Mayor and Sheriff's race, but I couldn't be happier!  I promise to work hard everyday to help our district, our county, and our state with integrity and transparency.

To those of you who went door to door and made phone calls - I will be forever grateful!  I won't let you down!

As a former Marine, from this day forward, my motto will be Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

Honor - I am humbled, and it is an Honor to serve you!

Courage - I will perform the duties of my office with Courage - doing what is right by my constituents in the face of any special interests that may arise.

Commitment - I am Committed to making our county better for all.

Thank you,
Aaron Yeargan


-ADY "A Regular Guy On The Issues"


Ridley, Morris, Yeargan and Cartwright advance to August election
•County Mayor - Gregg Ridley, 971; Rodney Warran, 377
•Sheriff - Incumbent JimmyMorris, 860; Gary Johnson, 576
County Commissioner 3rd District Part A - Aaron Yeargan, 181; Nathan Riddle, 49
•County Commissioner 1st District Part A - Incumbent Ronnie Sapp, 162 votes
•County Commissioner 1st District Part C - Incumbent Shayne Bickford, 162 votes
•County Commissioner 2nd District Part A - Jim Swafford, 176 votes
•County Commissioner 3rd District Part B - Incumbent Ronald Hudson, 180 votes
•County Commissioner 4th District Part A - Christina K. Sharp, 109 votes
•County Commissioner 5th District Part A - Incumbent Roger L. Simmons, 209 votes
•County Commissioner 5th District Part B - Incumbent Junior Lee Hankins, 215 votes
•County Trustee - Matt Fields, 1080 votes
•Circuit Court Clerk - Incumbent Michael Walker, 1191 votes
•County Clerk - Incumbent Carolyn Mills Terry, 1280 votes
•Register of Deeds - Incumbent Emma Boynton, 1271 votes
•Road Superintendent, Incumbent Marvin E. Smith, 1148 votes
•Circuit Court Judge 12th Judicial District Part III - Justin Angel, 1114 votes

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