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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Truth About Congressman McIntyre's Voting Record

*From Congressman McIntyre's Campaign Staff:

The Truth About Mike's Voting Record

The ads issued on behalf of the Pantano campaign by the National Republican Congressional Committee are false and misleading, based on incorrect information and skewed statistics.

Similar ads across the country are being pulled down after being scrutinized by local TV stations for using deceptive and misleading statistics.

Congressman McIntyre has not voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi 90 percent of the time. As verified by, an independent analysis of congressional votes, Congressman McIntyre votes right down the middle--as he always has done, based upon the legislation's impact upon Southeastern North Carolina.

The false 90 percent figure is an inaccurate calculation which counts procedural votes to "stack the deck" of percentages.

On the actual issues being considered for a straight "up" or "down" vote, Congressman McIntyre's votes reflect his willingness to work with folks based on the issues themselves--not partisanship.

The math is further miscalculated because Congressman McIntyre voted over 1500 times, while the Speaker only voted less than 90 times.

As reported by The Hill, a similar ad was taken down by a local ABC affiliate in Lynchburg, V.A., in U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher's race because of similar false and misleading advertising.

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