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Saturday, October 2, 2010

*UPDATED* The Public Servant Vs. The Politician - Why Mike McIntyre Is The Right Choice For All Voters!

October 31, 2010

The Public Servant Vs. The Politician

Congressman Mike McIntyre is a public servant that does just that - He serves his public. Ilario Pantano, on the other hand, is a politician who serves himself and Washington special interests. Representative McIntyre's long record of bipartisanship speaks for itself. Time after time, he has crossed party lines in order to do what is right for his constituency, the state of North Carolina and our nation. Because of facts like these, Mike McIntyre is the right choice on November 2nd, regardless of your party affiliation. You might ask why I believe this - it's simple, I'm not a liberal. I am a libertarian minded voter that votes all across the board and doesn't care about party affiliation. Like so many voters, I care about the issues. I support small government, free markets, Constitutional Rights and low taxes. Therefore, supporting this Democrat is the right choice.

Congressman McIntyre has consistently received an "A" rating and an endorsement from the National Rifle Association. He knows the importance of our Constitutional Rights. He also knows that free markets and small business is vital in creating jobs and restoring our economy. Regardless of what his opponent might say, it is a fact that he has constantly taken steps to lower and eliminate taxes and cut unnecessary government spending. This is evident by his voting against the Health Care Reform Act. While he realizes the great need for true, effective health care reform, he realized the enormous strain the increased taxes and spending would have on our economy, especially on all of the small business owners who are trying to create jobs. He has stated that he supports and, if reelected, will work to repeal the Health Care Mandate. Rep. McIntyre's fiscal responsibility is further demonstrated by his vote against the Cap and Trade Tax and his efforts to restrict and abolish the "Death Tax."

Another benefit of returning Congressman McIntyre to Washington is his belief in a smaller and more transparent Federal Government. This belief was demonstrated when he supported Congressman Ron Paul's "Audit The Fed" legislation. This bill would have given the American public and their representatives more "eyes on" and oversight of the Federal Reserve. Like you and I, Mike McIntyre knows the importance of being able to see where our money goes. While these facts alone are ample for someone deciding to vote for Mike McIntyre, none of them are my number one reason.

The number one reason why I am voting for the Congressman is because I am a veteran, and Mike McIntyre is a leader who cares about our nation's military, its veterans and their families. He consistently voted to raise military pay and improve veterans’ benefits such as veteran health care and the improved G.I. Bill. While he has had concerns about the current military operations in the Middle East, he has never voted to cut necessary and much needed funds from the defense budget. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, in addition to operational contingency funding and pay raises, Congressman McIntyre helped pass a budget that included a large housing allowance increase and $1.4 billion for North Carolina military construction. It has to say something about the Congressman's dedication to our service members and veterans when the VFW's political action committee, as well as the popular, highly decorated and highly respected, Former Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Charles Krulak, chose to endorse him over Pantano, an actual veteran.

Ilario Pantano tries extremely hard to present himself as a combat veteran and honest friend of the people. Like him, I was taught the importance of the Marine Corps values - Honor, Courage, and Commitment. However, Mr. Pantano must not have listened as closely at Quantico as I did at Parris Island because, instead of showing the voters of the 7th District how he would serve and assist them, he has done nothing but bend the truth and distort the facts about Congressman McIntyre's voting record. Not to mention that he's done this without offering any real solutions. Mr. Pantano, where's your Honor and Commitment? Also, while I haven't always agreed with Congressman McIntyre, he's always been honest and open about his views and record. This is very admirable, and I respect him for it. Ilario Pantano, on the other hand, has yet to be open and honest about his military and combat record. As a four-tour Iraq War veteran, I ask, Where's your Courage Mr. Pantano?

The choice is simple; Mike McIntyre is a true public servant that works for us, while Ilario Pantano is a politician who does nothing more than gives lip service to Honor, Courage, and Commitment, as well as to his would be constituency.


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