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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Election 2010: Retired Navy Capt. Praises Congressman McIntyre in New Ad

FYI - You can find out more about Congressman McIntyre, his views, and his campaign by visiting or


July 12, 2010

Dear Friends:

Retired Navy Capt. Wilbur Jones, who served our country for 41 years, says that Congressman Mike McIntyre displays honor, integrity and duty -- the same values that our military considers essential and that make our country great.

Capt. Jones' comments, along with Congressman McIntyre's accomplishments for veterans, are featured in a new campaign ad airing on area television stations. You can watch the ad by visiting

I hope that you find it powerful and consider forwarding this e-mail to other voters in Southeastern North Carolina.


Justin Smith
Campaign Field Director

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