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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dr. Rand Paul: Secure Our Borders.

FYI - You can learn more about Dr. Paul, his views, and his campaign by visiting



Dear Friends,

You and I deserve leaders with principles – and the GUTS to back them up.

But that’s not usually what we get, is it?

We get mealy-mouthed politicians with their fingers in the air, searching for the political winds to know when it’s safe to take a position.

And God forbid we ask them to actually LEAD.

I’m Rand Paul, and I’m running for U.S. Senate to do just that. To lead. To take on the establishment, just like I did successfully in my primary.

To stand for strong conservative principles and to take the message of outraged Americans to Washington.

And the message I hear loud and clear coming from Americans from every stripe and party – SECURE OUR BORDERS and STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

I pledge to introduce a powerful, sweeping set of immigration reform measures, immediately upon arriving in Washington.

And then I pledge to do something you may not be used to from a United States Senator – I pledge to fight for them, and I pledge to force every single Senator to vote on them.

Will you join me in this battle to save our country? If so, read this short message and sign the Declaration of American Sovereignty and please, if you possibly can, contribute to my campaign for Senate by visiting

It’s vital you do. I am the ONLY US Senate candidate with a clear shot at victory who is making border security and illegal immigration a top priority.

That’s because one thing is clear: the war to control our borders has failed. Much like any failed war in the past half century, it’s because we’ve picked the wrong battles and haven’t played to win.

That will change with my first day in office. My American Sovereignty Protection Act will include:

-An end to Birthright Citizenship. If you are here illegally, and therefore not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, your children are not automatic citizens of this country and not eligible for free schooling, healthcare, welfare, and more.

-Secure Borders with a physical or electronic fence. Include satellite surveillance, and helicopter stations all across the border.

-Redeploy any unnecessary foreign military outfits to our border. We have troops in 135 countries, but we cannot seal our own borders. This is a disgrace.

-End of the special privileges of our out of control welfare state for illegal immigrants and demand proof of a person’s legal right to be in the US before granting aid and support from the taxpayer. I could not agree more with the economist Milton Friedman who said “You cannot have open borders and a welfare state.”

I’m saddened to ponder the fact that we have both. But it’s time to end that. It’s time to seal our borders and reign in our out of control government spending.

There are many in Washington – including the Obama Administration and their allies in Congress, who are pushing just the opposite approach.

They want to give AMNESTY to illegal immigrants.

They want to continue to allow people to thumb their noses at our laws, cross over our borders at will, and drain the resources of hard working Americans.

Remember, the idea that “the government” has money is a fallacy – the money that is spent on welfare state benefits for illegal immigrants is YOUR money. It is forcibly taken from each and every taxpayer.

But there’s more to this problem than simply money and doing the right thing by taxpayers.

You see, people in Washington like to pretend their doing all they can to keep you safe from the threat of terrorism.

After all – law abiding citizens routinely get full body searches at airports – so we must be safe, right? Wrong.

An open border is an open invitation to terrorists.

We all know it’s true in theory. But what should really worry all Americans is that it is no longer a theory, it’s provable fact.

Recently, news reports have highlighted the fact that terrorists have been traveling from Europe, to South America, where they learn to speak Spanish and blend in to local customs. Then they go to Mexico and sneak in with Mexican drug smugglers.

The press is not alone in their reports here -- a report in the U.S. Congress showed the exact same thing.

This 2006 report, titled "A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border" and prepared by the House Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Investigations, indicated that 1.2 million illegal aliens were apprehended in 2005, and 165,000 of those were from countries other than Mexico.

Hundreds were from nations the Border Patrol defines as "designated by the intelligence community as countries that could export individuals that could bring harm to our country in the way of terrorism", including Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen.

These reports also noted:

-Members of Hezbollah have been verified to have come through our southern border.

-Military clothing belonging to Islamic extremists has been found, emblazoned with patches with phrases like “martyr – way to eternal life.” One even depicted the planes flying into the World Trade Center.

-Currently, only 10-30% of potential illegal immigrants are caught. That means 70-90% make it in under our current system.

Who continues a program that fails this miserably? Our government.

It’s time to get serious. Time to get serious about national defense and terrorism. Time to get serious about our fiscal mess and stop the bleeding of taxpayer dollars on our welfare state.

Time to get serious about preserving our country before it is too late.

The best thing about much of these plans is that they can be done and ready in a very short period.

That’s good, because time is running out.

I believe we can accomplish the goal of securing our border within MONTHS, not years.

And I believe we must.

If you agree, I hope I will have your support. If you live in Kentucky, I hope you’ll consider voting for me in November and working for me between now and then.

But no matter where you live, you can help out by signing the Declaration of American Sovereignty at, so I can show just how widespread the support is for the ideas of Border Security and ending the practice of automatic citizenship for illegal aliens.

My opponent is a liberal trial lawyer who will not fight for our borders to be secure, and has already publicly pledged to continue to allow illegal immigrants to pillage our treasury.

But he is well funded. Powerful Washington interests and the national Democrat party have made my race their TOP target this fall. They are going all-out to make sure someone who will fight as hard as I will does NOT make it to Washington, DC.

You can help make sure they don’t succeed in keeping me out with your generous contribution of $250, $100, or $50 today after you sign the Declaration of American Sovereignty. Please visit

In Liberty,

Rand Paul, MD

PS: I’m a career doctor, not a career politician. I believe we need leaders with principle and the guts to take on the security of our nation. To secure our borders. To end birthright citizenship for people who are breaking our laws.

If you agree, please sign the Declaration of American Sovereignty and support my US Senate campaign today.

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