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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Are You Happy that Tax Dollars Subsidized the Tsarnaev Family?

FYI - Some VERY good food for thought from Dan Mitchell/The International Liberty Blog.


-ADY "A Regular Guy On The Issues"

Are You Happy that Your Tax Dollars Subsidized the Tsarnaev Family?

by Dan Mitchell
The bad news is that there are despicable and evil people seeking to kill innocents.
The worse news is that some of these pathetic excuses for protoplasm are subsidized by taxpayers.
It's happened in France, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
And we now know that the Tsarnaev family was on he dole as well.
Which makes this cartoon funny, but at the same time not funny at all.
Welfare Terrorism
I used to think it was outrageous that the welfare state funded bad behavior (as illustrated by this humorous poster), as well as general laziness and moral depravity.
But there should be a special wing of the Moocher Hall of Fame for taxpayer-subsidized terrorists.

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