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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After - The Fight Continues!

It's cold and raining here in the great state of Tennessee as I have my morning coffee and reflect on yesterday's presidential election.  What I realize is that, while the President won by an impressive amount of electoral votes, the popular vote shows that the race was much, much closer - about 50% to 49%.  The President garnered approximately 59 million votes, while Gov. Romney  approximately 57 million.

And, something I am extremely happy about, well over one million people voted for my candidate, Gov. Gary Johnson.  This is more votes than any other Libertarian candidate in history!  I honestly believe that this number would have been even higher if more people would have voted their conscience.

What all of this really tells me is that the majority of Americans are still unhappy with the direction that this country is going in, and the R3VOLUTION must continue!  We must stay vigilant,  always pushing against the establishment and status quo, in the name of liberty! We must continue to fight for our civil liberties, peace, and fiscal responsibility.  We must Reclaim the Republic and Restore the Constitution for ourselves and future generations!

I ask for your help in this endeavor as we look to 2016.

Aaron Yeargan
-ADY "A Regular Guy On The Issues"

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