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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The only candidate that can save the country! - Gov. Gary Johnson In The News.

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Gary Johnson Reddit AMA

Thank you to everyone who participated in Gov. Johnson's successful AMA on Reddit today. It was the #2 story on Reddit, and received over 6,000 questions and comments. 

Could Pro-Pot Candidate Gary Johnson Be Obama's Ralph Nader?

September 4, 2012
Huffington Post
By Steph Sherer

Without Democrats standing up for progressive values and reversing the Obama administration's unpopular anti-medical marijuana policy, a spoiler candidate in a Western state is an increasingly likely outcome. The Democratic Party may not talk much about the impact of the year-long campaign of stepped-up enforcement in medical cannabis states, but patients and their loved ones are very aware of raids, arrests and prosecutions. 

The Justice Department's crackdown creates local headlines in states across the West every week. These actions are costing Obama votes in crucial swing states.

Obama, Romney not only option for president, third party candidates offer alternatives

September 4, 2012
Iowa State Daily
By Gabriel Stoffa

On Nov. 6, millions will flock to voting booths to cast their vote for president. Many folks will vote Republican or Democrat based on their particular political leanings, while some will vote Mickey Mouse or Yoda out of spite or just for fun.

There is another option that will be available on at least one state's ballot, Iowa, that of Libertarian candidate Gov. Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson: Obama Doesn't Care About The War On Drugs

September 5, 2012
By Garrett Quinn

Nobody at the Democratic National Convention is talking about the war on drugs, so the North Carolina NORML affiliate decided to host its own event early this evening in one of the permitted outdoor free speech areas.

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, not one to shy away from criticizing American drug policy, was the big draw of the rain-soaked event. Johnson touched on his early experiences with marijuana as well as his efforts to change the prevailing attitudes on drugs while governor of New Mexico. He pointed to marijuana ballot question in Colorado as something that he thinks could be a sea change in how marijuana is viewed in the United States.

Gary Johnson continues to beat Republican challenges to the ballot

September 5, 2012
By Karl Dickey

The Virginia Board of Elections today rejected a challenge by the Republican Party of Virginia to petitions submitted to place former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on the state's ballot as the Libertarian nominee for President. The Board of Elections' decision clears the way for Johnson's name to appear on the November ballot.

The attempt to remove Johnson's name from the ballot was one of several such efforts by Republican Party representatives in key states. Challenges to the two-term New Mexico governor's ballot access are pending in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan and Oklahoma. A challenge lodged last week in Ohio has since been dropped.

Johnson touts Libertarian message at Winthrop

September 5, 2012
Herald Online
By Don Worthington

America is in “deep do-do” and Gary Johnson says he is the only presidential candidate with resolve and common sense to save the country from economic collapse.

Speaking to about 100 people at Winthrop University – mostly students – Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, explained the contrasts between himself and candidacies of President Barrack Obama, the Democratic incumbent, and Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger.

Take a Look at a Candidate Few Have Ever Heard About

September 6, 2012
Colorado Springs Gazette
By Barry Fagin

There’s only one way to save the presidential debates from degenerating into boring snoozefests: Put Gary Johnson in them.

Gov. Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate, whom you’ve never heard of. Unless you’re from New Mexico, where he served two terms as a wildly popular Republican governor in a Democratic state. That means he’s been elected governor more often than Romney, and served in public office longer than Obama before he sought the presidency.  It’s not like Johnson has no political track record. He is an eminently credible and dedicated public servant.

Republican Use Dirty Tricks, Crack Down on Ron Paul and GaryJohnson in State Courts

September 8, 2012
By Douglas Goodman

The Republican Party is running scared. Either that or they think the country is better served by restricting voter choice to only those candidates they want to appear on the ballot. Could this be the same party that is supposed to totally support the Constitution and personal freedoms?

In Iowa, the Republican Secretary of State is attempting to remove Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson from the presidential ballot because leaving Johnson on the ballot “will cause “irreparable harm to other candidates and political parties who must compete against him.” In Virginia, Gary Johnson was successful in fighting a GOP attempt to remove him from the ballot.

Five Crucial Factors to Watch, Just 58 Days From the Election

September 8, 2012
The New York Times
By Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg

There is one factor in the campaign that has yet to get much attention but could influence the outcome: third-party candidacies in many states, most notably that of former Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico, the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee.

Mr. Johnson, who argued for free markets, fewer wars and the legalization of marijuana during his brief run for the 2012 Republican nomination, hardly shows up in polls. But he is on the ballot in more than three dozen states and is trying for more.

Will Defecting From the GOP Help Ron Paul's Supporters Take It Over?

September 9, 2012
Huffington Post
By Robin Koerner

I recently polled the 13,000-strong community of Blue Republicans, all Ron Paul supporters, to find out for whom they intended to vote for President.

An overwhelming 66% said they would be voting for Gary Johnson -- the Libertarian candidate who shall be the only candidate other than Obama and Romney on the ballot in every state (absent yet more GOP mafia tactics). Sixteen (16) percent will be writing in Ron Paul, even though most don't expect their vote to be counted, and Romney will attract the votes of a negligible 6%.

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