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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gary Johnson polls ahead of Romney and Obama on issues!

FYI - From Dickey.

-ADY "A Regular Guy On The Issues"

Libertarian Presidential candidate polls ahead of Romney and Obama on issues.

The most comprehensive poll of 887,000 Americans this year via the iSidewith website has found Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Gary Johnson easily beats Mitt Romney and Barack Obama for the 2012 General election. He is in fact, the most popular presidential candidate you have never heard of due to a media blackout of Libertarian candidates. NPR did recently report on this finding, however, as with most media outlets, continues to discussing the general election naming only Romney and Obama to the exclusion of Johnson.
iSidewith has website visitors answer questions based on a comprehensive list of issues and matches those answers with candidate's positions. The advantage of this method of picking a candidate enables Americans to get past the rhetoric, media exclusion and campaign ads often associated with campaigns so voters are able to focus on only the issues.
If the election was held today based on what 887,000 Americans have already 'voted' via the iSidewith website, Gary Johnson would win 28 states, Barack Obama would win 16 states, Mitt Romney would win 4 states.
Most polls take samples from 800 to 1,200 American voters, often excluding mention of Johnson and iSidewith is helping Americans make an informed choice bypassing the mainstream media in finding a candidate most in line with their own principles and values.

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