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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fighting For America Isn't a Democratic Thing or a Republican Thing...It's an American Thing!

FYI - From the guys at RangerUp.

-ADY "A Regular Guy On The Issues"

George Washington did not intend on a second term.

He reluctantly ran because the two leading political parties of the time – The Federalists and the Republicans were so at each other’s throats that he feared an election would rip the country apart.

When he finally did resign after his second term, he cautioned the American people not to align behind parties. He believed that over time they gave power to a handful of wealthy individuals who would not truly represent the people as intended, that the parties would skew issues in order to control the people’s perceptions, that parties would be less likely to compromise and more likely to be petty and seek vengeance for defeats with a “party-centric” approach rather than a country centric one, and that in general terms a party system would make us less democratic, infringe on the Constitution, and send us closer to monarchy or dictatorship with an increasingly strong executive branch.

Good to see he was waaaaay off, right?

The bottom line is this: there are more than two ways to think about things. No one on this planet is truly a 100% “Democrat” or “Republican”. We all develop a certain set of beliefs based on where we grew up, how we were raised and the experiences we have in life. It’s that nuance that we should treasure, because the right to have it isn’t available in most nations.

Whether you agree or disagree, I promise that no person signing the dotted line today to put on a uniform is doing it for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. They’re doing it for themselves, their family, their friends, and their country.

Service to the nation is true patriotism. Putting yourself in harm’s way for the American way of life is an action of absolute substance. And no matter what the talking heads say, service knows no party.

The act of serving is neither Republican nor Democrat.

It is American.

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