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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gov. Gary Johnson In The News and Updates.

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Gary Johnson Offers Third Choice In 2012 Elections

June 21, 2012

You might think the presidential race is settled with two candidates. But there's one candidate you might not have heard much about. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is running for president on the Libertarian Party ticket. Johnson speaks with host Michel Martin about his policies and the challenges he has getting his message heard.

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Ron Paul Supporters Will Be Targeted by Gary Johnson in Tampa

June 26, 2012
Sunshine State News
By Kevin Derby

Former Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico, the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, will be looking to steal a little of the national spotlight away from the Republican convention in Tampa in August as he makes a pitch to supporters of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

With Paul not expected to endorse former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, the Johnson camp hopes to make inroads with the maverick Texas congressman’s backers.

Former Democratic Party Press Secretary Supports Gary Johnson for President

June 22, 2012
By Terry Michael

For almost all my life, I have been a “professional Democrat,” as well as a strong believer in our dual-party system, with a range of philosophies under “two big tents.” As a 9-year-old, I wore an Adlai Stevenson for president button to the fourth grade. I wanted to “complete the New Deal” as a 1960's left-liberal teenager. At 36, I became press spokesman for the oldest continuing party committee in the world, the Democratic National Committee (1983-87.) And since then, I have run a program to teach college journalists about “practical politics,” preaching that having just two parties helps simplify electoral and governing choices.

With that partisan pedigree, I am about to become an apostate. I am going to do what I think the founder of the Democratic Party, the classical liberal Thomas Jefferson, might consider doing this year. I am going to vote for former Republican New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, now the Libertarian Party candidate for president.

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2012 Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Explains Why He’s A Better Choice Than Obama Or Romney

June 22, 2012
"Brainstormin' with Billy the Brain" on KKZZ AM
By Bill Frank

Bill Frank of "Brainstormin' with Billy the Brain" on KKZZ AM 1400 in Ventura, California interviews Gary Johnson on why he would be a better choice for President than Obama or Romney.

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Gary Johnson: Boldly going were no Libertarian has gone before?

June 24, 2012
Tucson Citizen
By David Pinar

Libertarian Party 2012 candidate for President Gary Johnson  is finally getting some attention and, surprisingly, more and more supporters. I say “surprisingly” because while Libertarian candidates often do get some attention, it rarely translates to votes. 2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr received only .4% of the nationwide vote; that’s even less than the .56% Ralph Nader received. Barr’s vote total topped 1% in just one single state, Indiana, were he received 1.06%. In Arizona, Barr got only .547%, in Colorado only .454%.  But recent polling has Gary Johnson getting 7% of the vote in Colorado. In Arizona, Johnson is pulling as much as 9% of the vote, and in his home state of New Mexico he gets 12% of the vote.  So who exactly is Gary Johnson?

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The Vote For Freedom Is Never Wasted

June 25, 2012

Two-term Governor, Gary Johnson, says the only wasted vote is the one that keeps us trapped in the RepubliCrat cycle of war and reckless spending election after election. Both parties bring the same results: Bigger government and less freedom. It's time to put our differences and our parties aside and come together as a nation for the good of all. We The People are ready to LIVE FREE.

Presidential Candidate and Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson on Immigration Policy

June 22, 2012
By W. E. Messamore

On our report about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s “dueling addresses” on immigration policy to Latino leaders at a conference in Florida, one commenter pointed out the exclusion of Libertarian Party presidential candidate, Gov. Gary Johnson of New Mexico from the discussion:

“That’s right, exclude the guy with the best record and a 2 term governor of the of the most Latino state:

This is a fantastic point. These twin addresses before the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials are being treated as a defining moment for where the parties and their presidential candidates stand on immigration policy and what they plan to do about it moving forward. But with Massachusetts governor and Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney slated to address the conference Thursday, and Democratic President Barack Obama, a former US Senator from Illinois, scheduled to speak Friday, it would seem that our national discussion of immigration policy has no room for a voice outside of the two party establishment.

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The GOP's Gary Johnson quandary

June 19, 2012
By Charles Mahtesian

There hasn’t been a single poll out of Colorado this year that’s shown Mitt Romney ahead of Barack Obama. Tuesday’s Public Policy Polling poll is no exception: Obama leads Romney in a head-to-head matchup by 49 percent to 42 percent.

But add libertarian Gary Johnson to the mix and the numbers are slightly different: Obama leads 47-39, with 7 percent going to Johnson, according to the PPP poll.

At that level of support, if Johnson qualifies for the ballot, he could end up having a significant impact in a three-way matchup — not only in Colorado but across the Mountain West, where he figures to run strongest.

Gary Johnson polling at 7% in Colorado with campaign building steam

June 19, 2012
By Karl Dickey

According to a new Public Policy Polling report out this morning, Libertarian Party Presidential nominee and two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is garnering 7% of the vote in Colorado. This puts a crimp in both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaign to take the state. There is also evidence, Johnson’s campaign is building which could lead to him being a more serious contender in the 2012 general election for the White House.

Johnson has been polling nationally from 2.4% to 9% and various states have him polling up to 15%. When one drills down the numbers, the most interesting statistic one will find is that the more likely voters get to know who Gary Johnson is; they seem to jump into his camp.

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Gary Johnson: Spoiler or Movement?

June 21,2012 
By Luke Stanek 

There often seems to be a candidate on the ballot that is considered the "spoiler candidate," there was Ralph Nader, there was Ross Perot, and now, to many news agents, it seems there is Gary Johnson. But will he really be a spoiler to the election, or is he merely the representative of a growing liberty movement?

In poll after poll, Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson has appeared around 7%, including recent polls in New Hampshire, and 9% in Arizona.  Are these supporters voters who don't care for either Obama or Romney, or is this a sign of the changing times?  Perhaps it is both. 

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