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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Obama-Romney-Johnson Three Way Race - Their Stance On The Issues!

FYI - From The Examiner:  A three way race between President Obama, Gov. Romney, and Gov. Johnson.

This is their different stances on the issues.  This debate can happen with your support! By law, if Gov. Johnson can poll at 15% nationally, he will have to be included in the general election presidential debates.  Help us to get his message out!  PLEASE visit

-ADY "A Regular Guy On The Issues"

The Obama-Romney-Johnson three way race - their stance on the issues

Gary JohnsonThe three most likely candidates to be on the ballot in all 50 states for the office of President are current President Obama, Republican Mitt Romney and Libertarian Gary Johnson. Many American voters have been asking where exactly do they stand on the major issues affecting Americans.

The mainstream media has its focus on side issues rather than the hardcore issues. We do our best to inform the public here.

Marrige Equality: Obama and Romney are against it, Gary Johnson is for it.

Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana: Obama and Romney are against it. Gary Johnson is for it.

Staunch Advocate for Gun Rights: Obama and Romney have voted for gun control, Johnson supports more adherence to the 2nd Amendment.

War: Obama and Romney either have or have voiced support of engaging in unconstitutional wars. Johnson is not for war except in cases of true defense of the U.S.A. and potentially where innocent civilians are being killed by their oppressive governments or "warlords".

Best on Civil Liberties: the ACLU rated Gary Johnson best in their Liberty Watch Report with Obama a distant third and Romney coming in last - tied with Rick Santorum.

Committed to slashing the federal budget: Obama and Romney have not offered a plan to do so and have plans to do the opposite. Gary Johnson has committed to presenting a balanced budget slashing the federal budget by 43% in his first year as President.

Increasing taxes: Romney and Obama both voted or signed legislation to increase government spending and increase taxes while in office. Gary Johnson while Governor of New Mexico vetoed such legislation and decreased government spending and taxes in the state.

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