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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ron Paul: Campaign Update.

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Dear Friends,

Today is a critical day for my campaign.

I believe that freedom is more popular than ever, and all this week, we've been telling you about the successes we're experiencing accumulating delegates throughout the country.

But the establishment is doing everything it can to stop us, and I simply will not be able to make it to the Republican National Convention unless I have the resources necessary to keep fighting back in as many places as possible.

So I hope you'll contribute as generously as you can to our "Give Me Liberty" Money Bomb today.

I recently shot the below video to fill you in on the current state of the campaign and give you an idea of where we go from here.

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Hundreds of meetings will be held in the coming weeks and months to decide who goes to Tampa to choose the next Republican presidential nominee.

Make no mistake - I am in this race to win the White House and Restore America Now.

We've got a proven strategy to organize our supporters for these crucial meetings through phone calls, emails, trainings, and more.

But we will not be able to fully implement our program unless you stand with us today.

So please, donate right away to our Give Me Liberty Money Bomb after you watch the video.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S.  I recently shot a video to update my supporters on the state of the campaign and give them an idea of where we go from here.

After you watch it, I hope you'll donate whatever you are able to our Give Me Liberty Money Bomb today so we can have every resource possible to accumulate even more delegates and defeat the establishment's attempts to silence our message.

Thank you for all your help!

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