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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Johnson Wows Crowd In Fort Lauderdale!


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Johnson Wows Crowd In Fort  Lauderdale!

Former N.M. Gov Makes Florida Pitch


Gary Johnson wows standing room only crowd in Fort  Lauderdale

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson was in Fort Lauderdale last night and spoke to a wide-ranging crowd at a Libertarian Party of Broward County meeting. The meeting room was overflowing with supporters and those who had not yet heard his message but were brought by others. He received several loud applauses in addition to two standing ovations. He was so popular with the crowd, he had trouble leaving with a bevy of enthusiatic supporters needing to get their picture taken with him.

The crowd consisted of Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, tea partiers, gays & lesbians, those interested in having medicinal cannabis legalized in Florida, conservatives and independents. Ages ranged from 18 to over 70 and the former two-term Governor of New Mexico impressed them all. It became apparent in speaking with several Ron Paul supporters they are throwing their weight behind Johnson as it is appearing more likely Paul will not receive the Republican Party's nomination for President.

The broad appeal Johnson brings to the Presidential race can be seen by the diversity of his supporters. It is not often you find conservatives and gays supporting the same candidate. Apparently his tagline "LIVE FREE" is resonating with many Americans.


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