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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nebraska Libertarian Party Central Committee Endorses Gary Johnson.


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Nebraska Libertarian Party Central Committee Endorses
Gary Johnson

LP or NebraskaJanuary 1, 2012 OMAHA, NE - Party Chairman Gene Siadek issued the following statement:

"After Governor Johnson's December 28th announcement that he was going to seek the Libertarian Party's nomination for President of the United States, I called a meeting of the State Central Committee in accordance with our Party bylaws to discuss and vote on endorsing his candidacy.

"I am happy to announce today, the Libertarian Party of Nebraska's Central Committee has voted to endorse Governor Johnson as the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. I believe we are the first state committee to do so and we are happy to announce our endorsement on Governor Johnson's birthday. 

"Governor Johnson brings to the table two-terms of executive-level experience in New Mexico and a proven record of fiscal responsibility and social tolerance. In 2002, Governor Johnson left his term-limited post with New Mexico being one of only four states in the country with a balanced budget. He vetoed 750 bills during his time in office; more than the other 49 Governors combined. He also cut over 1,200 government jobs without firing anyone and cut taxes 14 times while never raising them.

"While America suffers under a "government knows best" administration that has utterly failed on its promises of both hope and change, and while our neighbors in Iowa prepare to caucus on big-government Republicans, (minus one non-GOP-supported candidate), we are encouraged to have a strong Libertarian running under the Libertarian banner.

"We feel that the red-Republicans and blue-Democrats have essentially become one Purple Party that no longer represents the vast majority of Americans.

Further, we agree with Governor Johnson's statement, "Sadly, neither the Republicans nor Democrats will offer this agenda [of fiscal conservatism and social tolerance] to the American people. The Republicans talk about cutting spending and taxes but insist on government regulating our personal lives. The Democrats support more liberal social policies but they will tax and spend and borrow us into bankruptcy. America needs a third way."

"We are hopeful that Nebraska Libertarian Party membership and all minimum government, maximum freedom Nebraskans will come out in droves for Governor Johnson's campaign. We feel he is the only alternative to the Purple Party status quo of wars, inept fiscal stewardship and infringements on individual rights.

Note: The State Central Committee of Nebraska's vote had one abstention: Mr. Randy Eshelman, Vice Chairman of the Nebraska Libertarian Party abstained due to his position on the Libertarian National Committee.


Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom

The Libertarian Party of Nebraska's chartered purpose is to maintain a representative government that protects the inalienable rights of individuals. You can find out more Visit Gary Johnson website

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