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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gary Johnson For President: Six days, seven cities, sixteen events. An amazing week!


-ADY "A Regular Guy On The Issues"

Six days, seven cities, sixteen events. An amazing week!

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve probably seen that we are making some serious noise on the campaign trail. From California to South Florida, I have spent the past several days meeting with hundreds of folks who share our commitment to a balanced budget and a government that protects our liberty rather than taking it away. And even the media is taking note that there are a lot of voices who are not being heard – and that I am the only candidate saying what has to be said.

The Miami Herald is only one of several major news outlets to take notice. In between events in just the past few days, I appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, NPR and a host of other regional and national networks.

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Why the attention? People get it. They see what’s going on right now, both in the presidential campaign and in Washington. They see that the national, elite media has done everything possible to narrow the presidential candidate field to a group who, when all is said and done, are promising nothing different than the business-as-usual that has given us unimaginable debt, wars we can’t afford or justify, and a government that is doing and spending more than ever before.

The political establishment and the media don’t want their party crashed. They don’t want a candidate who tells the truth and promises to upset the status quo in Washington. And they really don’t want a candidate on the national stage who not only promises to shake that status quo, but who – as a two-term governor – proved that he would actually do it. There is a reason I have been called the most dangerous politician in America. Or, as GQ Magazine put it, the “Sanest Man” running for president.

I am telling the truth. I am pledging to balance the budget NOW – not sometime off in the future. And I am promising to get the government out of our homes and personal lives. The political “ruling class” is scared to death that my message might actually get out – but they can’t keep us locked out of the process forever. From the crowds and receptions I am receiving all across the country, it is more clear every day that millions of Americans are ready to stand up, get involved and help us break through with new ideas and a different way of doing the people’s business.

But we have to organize, mobilize and focus those millions of Americans and their energy. That takes a messenger, and it takes resources. With your help, our campaign is doing just that. But we have much more to do. The next few weeks are going to be exciting -- and critical. We are well on our way to having organizations set up in every state, with great volunteers in every corner of the nation. Even with the holidays upon us, they are working hard, and I am taking our message to events and the media every day.

Your financial support is what makes all this possible. And we cannot let up. Please take a moment, to show your support by going to: Gary Johnson, and help make sure we have the resources to keep the momentum up.

It is more obvious than ever that there is a deep hunger in America for the kind of leadership you and I are committed to providing the great country. Together, we can offer that leadership. I’m excited about the weeks to come, and about the movement I can feel as I travel the country. Your support is making it happen.

Show your support by going to: Gary Johnson

Thank you!

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