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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC-07) - A Democrat That Listens To His Constituents!

FYI - Congressman McIntyre is a Democrat who's Pro Small Business, Pro 2ND Amendment (He has an A+ rating from the NRA), Pro Military/Veterans (He receives continuous praise from veterans groups, including the American Legion), and Anti Regulation! He has listened to his constituents, and voted against ObamaCare as well as proposing and voting for legislation that cuts Government Spending and that holds federal agencies more accountable to the taxpayers. He is one of the few Democrats that still support H.R. 1207, Rep. Ron Paul's Audit The Fed legislation. He continues to vote against congressional pay raises. This is a man that concerned voters, regardless of party, can vote for. His opponent, however, tries to pawn himself off as a Republican that embraces libertarian ideas but is nothing more than a NeoCon in hiding with a military record that is at best, questionable.


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