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Monday, April 26, 2010

VFW - Don't Let This Grieving Father Stand Alone! Support Albert Snyder Against The Westboro Baptist Church!

This so called pastor at W.B.C. enrages me! Although I'm all for freedom of speech, no matter how vile, I'm also all for punching him and his entire congregation
in the mouth. If you haven't heard about this, the news article can be found at -



The VFW's Deceleration of Support for Mr. Snyder can be found at -

Dear Friends,

You’ve seen the outrageous case on television and in your newspaper.

VFW National Commander Thomas J. Tradewell, Sr., calls it “… a travesty at best that borders on obscene.”

Albert Snyder, grieving father of fallen Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder, has been ordered by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to pay legal costs to Westboro Baptist Church. These costs were incurred when Mr. Snyder sued over the hateful and despicable protest the church waged during his son’s funeral. Now, the landmark case has moved to the U.S. Supreme Court, and his court costs continue to mount.

This is the ultimate insult!

As patriotic Americans, we cannot stand by and allow the memory of a fallen hero to be tarnished … we cannot allow the father of a slain Marine to be treated with such utter disrespect!

The VFW is calling on you to sign our Declaration of Support. All signatures will be delivered to Mr. Snyder on Memorial Day with a full Color Guard Ceremony.

Let’s show Mr. Snyder that we stand proudly beside him in his battle to honor the memory of his beloved son.

And please forward this message to your friends and family. Ask them to sign the Declaration of Support and stand in solidarity with Mr. Snyder as he battles this preposterous court decision.

Thank you for taking the time to do what’s right. If you would like to help Mr. Snyder with legal or other expenses, please visit

Join us in supporting this proud military father as he fights for justice! Sign the Declaration today!

Veterans of Foreign Wars | 406 West 34th Street | Kansas City, MO 64111

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